In the last few months alone, the Board of Trustees has had at least two opportunities to display their loyalties. In both cases, they, on balance, did not side with the College of Charleston. When the Statehouse attacked the College over the College Reads! program, President Benson issued a strong defense of academic freedom, whereas the Board of Trustees sided with the Statehouse. When deliberating Presidential candidates, the will and voice of the campus community was clearly and decisively opposed to the selection of Glenn McConnell, while the Statehouse did all they could to coerce and encourage his selection. The Board of Trustees again sided with the Statehouse. Board members are appointed by the State Legislator and the Governor. They spend only a few days per year on campus. They have made their loyalties clear. They do not represent the campus community or its interests, they represent the Statehouse and its interests. We cannot support the Board of Trustees until they support us.

We demand the current Board of Trustees members: